In accordance with the EU regulation nr EV 1935/2004      

RELEASED FLUID: Liquids will automatically and permanently flow to the unique bottom chamber.

NO FIBERS: No loose particles from the packaging in the tray thus safe for consumers

MATERIAL: 100 % PET , thickness less than 350 MU: thinner than any other tray
Also usable for standard trays without need for liquid absorption

Beyond the absorber.

More than an absorber can achieve.

For high volumes orders we can change the

bottom foil to your color and print design

Multi Bottom Chambers




  • Bottom foil hides Liquid
  • Color / brand your own bottom foil
  • Low risk of contamination because of separated liquid
  • Waste reduction, efficient recycling


  • safe & hygienic
  • full food compliance
  • cost competitive
  • available in a full 100% PET version


This revolutionary concept uses existing and proven manufacturing techniques.

The GravityTray has the same volume and strength (e.g. for top load) as existing trays with absorber. A 100% control of the sealed bottom foil guarantees a leak free tray.

Seal Production


Due to technological innovation the weight saving of the GravityTray is relatively high, this gives significant advantages with regard to the EU  packaging taxes

For tray and bottom seal we use only mono material which is 100 % recyclable.

The GravityTray is crystal clear. And, in contrast with existing trays, the GravityTray bottom seal is available
with attractive color prints.

Absorber Exit

meets with the EFSA regulations


Appendix EV 1935/2004 describes the general regulations on food. A so-called Declaration of Conformity is difficult to give for sliced ​​meat absorbent pads. The open cutting edge can leave fibers on the food and is therefore not in accordance with Article 3 of the Regulation.

Appendix ‘Scientific opinion EFSA Journal 2013; 11 (4): 3154’: declares that the absorption capacity may not be exceeded (not manageable) and the fibers may not come loose (under conditions under which the absorption capacity of the pads is not exceeded and mechanical release of the fibers from the absorbent pads excluded. “)

Recycling regulations:

GravityTray will meet the latest recycling standards (under development): the tray is 100% mono.

Scientific substructure:

Several studies have already proven in the past that contact of food with moisture (aw value) leads to bacterial growth and discoloration of the food. The GravityTray is a ready-made answer to these challenges in several areas. (see, among others: Advances in meat, poultry and seafood packaging by J. P. Kerry 2012, 702p)



About Us

It was only a matter of time before the serious shortcomings of the absorber would come to the attention of the GravityTray design specialists and entrepreneurs to stimulate them to create a functional perfect and safe alternative.

Many other developers have tried and failed to design a tray that copes with all the technical and commercial
requirements, but the GravityTray team has successfully created a unique solution for the worldwide market that meets all the THE REGULATION criteria.

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