This revolutionary concept uses existing and proven manufacturing techniques. There are even no changes needed on the current filling lines.

Materials & Manufacturing

The Gravity Tray can be made of 100% PP, that is the thermoform tray, the bottom foil and the top lid. Other materials, like PP with added oxygen barriers and PET are also available. The material weight of the tray is the same as current trays and also strength, for instance top load is the same. A 100% control of the sealed bottom foil guarantees a leak free tray.


No changes needed on existing filling lines: The positioning of meat or fish products in the tray and sealing the top foil is exactly the same.

Shelf Presentation

There is no restriction on the position of the tray on the shelf or at home because once the liquid is in the bottom chamber it can never get in contact with the meat.

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Rewin Ugoo