Bottom foil hides Liquid
Colour / brand your own bottom foil
Low risk of contamination because of separated liquid
Odour free
Waste reduction, Efficient recycling
The GravityTray is an innovative, completely safe, meat and fish tray packaging that makes the absorber super- fluous.

Released fluid from the meat or fish will automatically flow into the unique bottom chamber of the Gravity tray. This 'bottom chamber' is a separate compartment and once the fluid is isolated in this compartment it cannot get into contact with the meat and fish any more, even if the GravityTray is turned on its side or upside down. Because of this separation the risk of any contamination from the liquid to the meat and fish is virtually impossible. Since the GravityTray has no fibers, the risk that particles of the packaging can "stick" to the meat or fish and be consumed, has been totally removed.

safe & hygienic
full food compliance
cost competitive
no investment needed with the food processor
easy to run on existing equipment
available in a full PP and in a full PET version